The Haas Calla & Helleborus display stand has been developed especially for the Cash & Carry. The lightweight forex board simply slides into the durable coated steel base. In no time, you’ll have attractive signage telling your customers where they can find the most beautiful calla lilies. Ask Arschwin or Arnoud about the options. The stand comes with a free […]


It’s time! The calla lilies are starting to reveal their colours, and it won’t be long until we can enjoy the beautiful colours of Haas’s calla lilies in the Netherlands too. “The new bulbs first produced strong shoots. And now the first calyxes are unfolding, we can enjoy them in our Spanish greenhouses again! We […]


Our Helleborus are in their element during autumn. And this can be seen by the vast number of flowers in our Dutch greenhouses. They are beautiful and are waiting to be used in gorgeous autumn bouquets or a thrilling Halloween arrangement! Take a look at our current range in the web shop.

Calla lilies from HAAS available until week 24

Callas de Haas beschikbaar tot wk 24

The last calla lily crop in Spain was planted in week 7, which means that we can supply calla lilies until week 24. In the summer we focus on growing products including helleborus, antirrhinums and dianthus. The fresh calla lily crop is planted in Spain after the summer, so that we can include fabulous calla […]

700,000 delights for mothers

Every year, it happens three weeks before Easter: a celebration of British mothers. Our bespoke programme produced 700,000 antirrhinum stems especially for these ladies. A good example of contract cultivation that we can carry out alongside the standard crops.We specialise in growing antirrhinums, dahlias and dianthus. 

New packaging

It had to meet our requirements to show the product at its very best visually, to protect it during shipping, and obviously also to be identifiable as one of the main communicators of our brand; this bunch of Calla lilies comes from HAAS, and we are incredibly proud of it. Our Spanish Calla lilies are […]

British mothers

Mother’s Day is already on its way for our Antirrhinums and Calla lilies. The crops have been planted, and our green fingers and the Spanish sun will do the rest. You can almost see them growing before your very eyes! ☺ Ask about availability here.