Having connections with the market is of great value to us. We collaborate closely with exporters in various areas in order to be able to respond effectively to the market needs. We also invest in the direct relationship with European flower sales outlets in order to be able to provide florists with the right inspiration and information. We want to inspire florists in order to increase the use of Calla lilies and Helleborus is in bouquets and arrangements through product presentations and sales promotions. 


Our entire range is available daily at the clock auctions and in the trading systems of the flower auction houses in the Netherlands. We supply our flowers to over 350 valued and globally-oriented customers, so that our products are available to florists around the world. Exporters and wholesalers can place their orders 24/7 via the webshop. You can also link our stock to your own sales system. In addition, we are happy to answer your questions or take your orders personally.

Haas Calla & Helleborus is available from suppliers including:


Alongside a reliable product, we also offer various options for creating price stability and volume availability.  We can agree weekly prices, monthly prices or annual prices for almost any required volume on the basis of joint agreements.